Wednesday, 8 April 2009

ooh, am a little stressed. I was fine, until I had a technical chat with the tutors today. they kind of mentioned things I'd conveniently forgotten, like loss of quality when you blow things up/have a multiscreen composite thing. argh. hmm so I may have to present a bit differently than I thought. which is alright I guess, only may potentially end up taking up lots of room which we don't really have, especially in London. wishing majorly i had just got prints. i like what i've done, i'm just having a bit of a heart attack about how exactly to present it when there are seemingly so many technical things against me along with lack of space.

at least i have my pianos. and my cutting from the newspaper. Just need to get the frame for that tomorrow and that's pretty much done. then over easter I can continue to panic about how to show my video.


fun day yesterday though!

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