Monday, 30 March 2009

look at this thrilling postcard...

"isn't the new swimming pool nice?"



work is going ok, hopefully. it's the installation bit that freaks me out rather than the actual shooting. i think it should be ok though, just hope i can be of some use physically rather than just sitting on the floor pointing to where things should go. i've seen people build little rooms before out of flats so it should be doable. it'd better be doable! well the more i sit and freak out over it the less it'll actually come to fruition. at least my lovely mummy made two cakes yesterday. lemon drizzle AND banana. heavens, what choice.
also, it's my birthday on thursday, eep. xx

Friday, 20 March 2009

last summer i wrote in another journal about how i had been to see a play called the year of magical thinking with vanessa redgrave. the play was about the writer joan didion and the loss of both her husband and her daughter. it was a truly electrifying performance, and vanessa dressed in silver and white literally glowed on the stage. one line in particular stuck with me about how the events in the play may seem hard to comprehend but that they will happen to you. you don't know when, but they will. not even a year later, it's vanessa that it's happening to. i know they're celebrities, they really have nothing to do with my life, but, and i'm sure it sounds incredibly corny and ridiculous, when you've been to the theater and especially if it's had a profound effect on you, you feel like you've shared in that experience. somehow you have interacted with the actor, you feel like you know them. i'd seen vanessa redgrave twice before, and I had met her other daughter joely who was lovely and also seemed to glow. i don't know, natasha richardson dying has really got to me. it's so cruel when a life like that just ends in the most odd way. i know it's happening all over the world every minute, but i always find it hard when someone who you look up to, who seems so... solid.. it's inconceivable that they could just suddenly no longer be there. it's never right when a parent has to watch their child die. also, liam neeson is such a wonderful actor, and all i keep thinking about is that scene in love actually where he's at the funeral of his wife. he was just so heartbreaking to watch (even though I thought that film was dreadful - his scenes made it ok). i can't imagine what he must be feeling.

anyway. i must stop because i think i'm getting a bit over the top about it. but i just somehow kind of wanted to say that i am thinking of them. x

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

"it has the same relationship to orchestral music as engraving does to painting: it multiplies it and makes it available to all; and if it does not reproduce its colours at least it reproduces its light and shade."

Thursday, 5 March 2009

oooh i have a cold and it's all gone to my chest and i feel yucky. humph.
hopefully i'm going to see the triennial at tate britain on sunday, health permitting. i really need to see some stuff, there's only so much you can get from books and the internet. i also want to see the annette messager at the hayward. damn there being so much good stuff on at the moment. why do I always get ill when there's so much amazing stuff to see? london is so amazingly tiring when you're poorly. OH WELL, all in good time. i hope i'm better before everything I want to see finishes. that happened with the warhol, I kept putting off going and then the bloody thing ended. most distressing.

my visual seems to have taken yet another turn in a slightly different direction. well, it's not too far removed... it's all about the same thing i think i've just finally found something that suits. they're always banging on about journeys, and i do feel like i've been on one. part of it involves miniature pianos. this is rather exciting. my tutor freaked out a bit because i've missed some weeks but I said that i was determined to finish this year and not interrupt and she basically said as long as I'm back within the next week or two it'll be alright. bit scary, but I think it's ok.

my new tutuesque skirt came yesterday but I've not been up to trying it on yet. it's so pretty though and not too emo which is always a good thing i think. ALSO, the other week my origin of species poster came, eep. I remember doing that stuff at school but have not been able to remember anything about it, so it's quite nice to be able to just consult my wall if i ever have a darwinian dilemma.

anyway. i found some old stuff as i've not really taken much new stuff over the last few months.

my mum's bedroom always ends up being a good photo place. the stuff i've always been happiest with has been taken in her room. it just has a lovely feel, and lovely light.