Wednesday, 29 July 2009

sandflies honey

one of the last trips home from Rochester.

a fun postcard from Tasha.

Tommy and Oliver


Ok, so now I'm a graduated being I am also a struggling artist. I have been doing my internship with a great artist since the beginning of July but I'm on a wee break from that at the moment. But when that finishes for good, crikey. I do have plenty of things I want to do though. I think it's time for a list.

1) learn to make pastry. My grandmother was apparently an exquisite magic pastry maker so it would be interesting to see if I have inherited this gift. My memories of food tech at school don't serve me too well, but you never know.

2) TRAVEL. Oh god, I'm desperate to do this but at the moment health and money stand in the way.

3) organise some sort of studio/home set up... without the need for an extension.

4) redecorate/reorganise my room so it could possibly become half studio.

5) have a gallery day every fortnight

6) find some kind of artist/photographic collective perhaps

7) research MA's (but not in a hurry to do this at the moment)

8) go to Devon because a) I want to see Jo again and b) I have an idea for a piece of work but it has to be made there

9) keep in contact with the lovely people from university

10) have an actual rest which leaves me rested

I'm glad I put pastry first.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

i have tried to deny it for quite a while but really, i must confess i am a complete and utter steam enthusiast. i blame my father. my childhood was a mixture of a lot of nice things mostly, and being dragged around the country to various steam railways and locomotive museums formed a large part of it. it's evidently rubbed off on me because any opportunity to see a steam train these day makes me very excited. it's like stepping back in time. i used to love how they'd puff their way out of the station, very gradually and it'd get faster and faster. the noise isn't really like anything else.

sadly trains are just the beginning. don't get me started on aviation.