Friday, 16 January 2009

These are from Norfolk. There's something iffy going on with my slr (apart from the wonky view finder) as everything came out a bit.. blah. Oh well, that can be nice sometimes I guess.

I have backache. It is horrid.

Stuff that's been going on recently...

I watched the Anne Frank thing on bbc1. I thought it was totally brilliant. I kind of thought at first do we need another version but I guess if it introduces it to another generation. The girl annoyed me to begin with because she was so awfully British but I was quite sad when it came to an end and I ended up thinking she was very good. The costumes were lovely too.

I have almost finished my dissertation. I fear it's all crap but I've quite enjoyed it really.

I have been quite ill. How dull. I have this bowel inflammation and it's causing pain in my joints and overwhelming tiredness to the point of being quite useless. It's very frustrating but there isn't a lot they can do except remove the rest of the bowel which is not practical at the moment. Anyway, I don't want to talk about illness because it's tedious.

All three of our clever chickens are laying eggs. Most exciting. Even Mabel has started and we thought it'd take ages because she was all little and seemed to develop slower than the other two. They're so funny, I'd never be without them already. Our cat hates them though, she's so jealous. I think she has a complex about her inability to be a productive and efficient pet. She makes up for it in Princessness however.

I went with my mum to buy a new kettle today (oh my god, what a thrilling life I do lead) and I got this really cute little fascinator from Topshop. It was only £3 as well... bargain. I want to take pictures of it but I look rubbish. Oh well.


  1. I think these photos are fabulous.

    I really hope you feel better soon. You're welcome to come to Devon for some old-style recuperation anytime. I have a nice blanket you can sit under and we have a cat to stroke. xx