Tuesday, 21 April 2009

becca and tashy.

tashy and laura


I babysat the tiny boys for a little while earlier.
Tommy was very interested in my camera - I don't think he'd seen a film camera before as his dad always shoots digitally now and he kept asking why he couldn't see the photo on the back! Makes you realise how redundant film seriously is becoming!
Uni starts again on Monday, although I'm going in on Thursday and Friday to squeeze some more days in. Can't believe it'll all be over so soon. I also need to find some way of displaying my pianos. I thought plinths originally, but they might look a bit too museum-y. Also I'm not sure there would really be room for lots of them... I could suspend them from the ceiling but that would involve having to possibly drill into them or something and wouldn't be so easy to put up when the exhibition moves to London. The other idea I had was just to put them on white cardboard boxes. People will just have to understand that the boxes are irrelevant and purely there to put them on. They're far too small to sit on the floor... Hmmm... daddy suggested a table but I'm not quite sure that would look right, plus it'd have to be THE perfect table and I'm running out of time now to be honest. I did think once of sticking them on the wall but some of them are grand pianos so that would be a little tricky. Ohhhhh man, the more I think about it the more I freak out. A lot.


  1. ist scary when kids dont know film and exspect instant results.

  2. it is! he is only two still, but I thought it was interesting how he even knew to look at the back! his dad is a photographer though, so I guess it's in the blood!!!