Wednesday, 15 April 2009

i love sargent.

soo. things to do once graduated:

2. try a spoonful of weetabix
3. redecorate my room
4. learn to drive.
5. acquire a negative scanner
6. have a rest
7. stop panicking about state of health, prospect of nice husband, children and house etc.
8. learn to cook more than three things.

i'm sure i could find more than 8 things! that is quite depressing.


  1. Haha, may I enquire why a spoonful of Weetabix is so integral on your list? Do you have Weetabix issues you are striving to overcome? x

  2. Haha I actually do have issues. I have some problems with my tummy and at the moment I can't eat anything with a lot of fibre. Unfortunately weetabix falls into this rather annoying category! However I am determined it shall not always be that way... so yes, hopefully one day in the near future a SPOONFUL will pass my lips!