Saturday, 18 July 2009

i have tried to deny it for quite a while but really, i must confess i am a complete and utter steam enthusiast. i blame my father. my childhood was a mixture of a lot of nice things mostly, and being dragged around the country to various steam railways and locomotive museums formed a large part of it. it's evidently rubbed off on me because any opportunity to see a steam train these day makes me very excited. it's like stepping back in time. i used to love how they'd puff their way out of the station, very gradually and it'd get faster and faster. the noise isn't really like anything else.

sadly trains are just the beginning. don't get me started on aviation.

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  1. That really made me smile :)

    I used to get dragged along with my dad to see steam trains when I was a child, and I still love going now. It's the whole smell and sound of them - there really isn't anything else like it. God, I sound like an old man! :)